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The WPO is very pleased to announce the appointment of Kai Vollprecht as its new Composer-in-Residence, from the 2022-23 season.

Kai will work alongside the WPO by creating new works for the orchestra and its associated ensembles, which will be explored in workshops and rehearsals throughout the season, culminating in concert performances.

Kai Vollprecht, WPO Composer-in-Residence. Photo © Kai Vollprecht Media

WPO Composer-in-Residence, Kai Vollprecht 

Growing up in Germany, with a cello in his hands at the age of four, Kai has gone on to explore piano, drums, percussion, as well as acoustic guitar and singing. His influences from across different cultures, genres and creative practices have blended into his own unique sound.


Kai has performed with many orchestras and bands, including the Youth Symphony Orchestra St.Georgen – Furtwangen and the Youth Wind Ensemble Baden-Württemberg. His international tours have taken him to countries such as Slovenia, Slovakia, China, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, England, and France. He has also performed on three album recordings and in a range of video productions.


Building on his 14 years at conservatoire in Germany, Kai went on to take a BA (Hons) in Music at the University of Sussex in the UK. This allowed him to explore composition for orchestra and sound design, as well as to develop his passion and sensitivity for the audio-visual. During his studies he was awarded the Sir Thomas Beecham Scholarship Award for skills as an outstanding instrumentalist, outstanding academic work and contribution to music in general. In 2022 he graduated with a first class degree alongside a prize for outstanding achievement.


Alongside his artistic work Kai has also been working with xRhythms, a visual radio station for young people in the UK. He has produced a series of inspirational talks, as well as interviews with artists from England, Spain and the US. This partnership has also resulted in a discussion series. More recently, he released his own podcast show, "Music & Media" - a platform for conversations with composers, filmmakers and a variety of artists.



Kai’s aim is to champion unique expressions of music in combination with other forms of creative arts. Within that, he holds a particular interest in exploring modern composition for orchestra. But whatever the method of creative communication, people will always remain at the heart of his work. He enjoys working with groups of musicians and other creatives of different levels of ability. His intention is always to inspire and uplift; to encourage people to look up and look forward.


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Olsen WPO.jpeg

Our inaugural Composer-in-Residence, appointed in 2017, was James Olsen.  Already a prize-winning, established composer, James held the position for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 seasons and wrote a number of short works and arrangements for the orchestra, culminating in a large-scale commission in celebration of the WPO's 70th anniversary.  You can read more about this composition, scored for two SATB choirs, children's choir and large orchestra, HERE.  James also ran educational workshops and fundraising initiatives, and was frequently featured in the local press and on local radio.

James Olsen with the WPO in 2018. Photo © Olsen Verlag Ltd.

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